How to Create the Perfect Wash & Go

A wash-n-go is probably the most known style within the natural hair community. It is a style created to where your hair in its most natural state. As simple as a “wash-n-go” may sound, theres are actually several steps to achieve this style. Perfecting a wash-n-go takes time, patience, and consistent testing to find out which products works best for you.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this low maintenance style.


In order to get the best results, you must start on freshly clean hair. You can choose between your favorite clarifying or moisturizing shampoo just as long as it effectively removes product buildup and don’t tangle your hair up.

Shampoo recommendation: Shea + Honey Hydrate & Cleanse Hair Wash


Deep conditioning is a MUST on wash day and is especially necessary for wash-n-go’s as it replenishes moisture back into your hair after shampooing, improves elasticity, and strengthens your strands. You can’t expect to achieve a bomb wash-n-go on dry hair.

Deep conditioner recommendation: Shea + Honey Replenish & Restore Deep Conditioner


You can choose to detangle with your deep conditioner and/or your leave in conditioner. Detangling is an important step for wash-n-go’s because you want to make sure you hair is knot free to easily apply products. You can choose your favorite detangling tool (such as a wide-tooth comb, fingers or detangling-brush) to detangle with and always make sure to start from ends to roots.


For the styling portion, you will need either a leave-in conditioner & gel (for strong hold + defined curls) or custard (for a softer hold + more body/volume). For looser curl textures you may be able to get away with a leave-in, cream, and oil. 

First, make sure your hair is SOAKING WET and section your hair into 4. Starting with the first section, apply your leave-in and comb through to distribute.

Afterwards apply the gel/custard and evenly distributed it throughout the section.

If you are using a cream + oil, apply the cream through the section and then seal with oil.

Repeat this process with the other sections. When finished, let hair air dry.

Recommended Leave-In Conditioner: Shea + Honey Leave-In Conditioning Milk


To preserve your wash-n-go, make 3 to 4 sections and tie a hair band around each section of hair. This will keep your hair stretched while you sleep. When ready to wear your hair out, remove bands and fluff out hair.


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