Tips On How To Transition Damaged Relaxed Hair Into Healthy Curls

Transitioning from straight to curly hair is an incredibly big change. Especially if it's something you're not used to dealing with. The majority of us have only had experience relaxing, texturizing, or using some sort of other treatments to permanently keep your hair straight due to the lack of knowledge on how to take care of natural hair.  Beginning a new natural hair journey is far from easy. Everyone’s natural hair journey is different and depends on each individual’s goals that they have for their hair. It’s always best to figure out what works for you and to be consistent in order to stick to a healthy regimen. No matter the route that you choose to take , here are some helpful tips to help carry you through this new stage in your life.

  1. Ignore the opinion of others. Whether you chose to big chop right away or to slowly transition by growing your natural hair out first before cutting off your relaxed ends, there will always be people opposed to your decision of going natural and pressure you to keep your hair in a straight style. Don’t let the opinions of others influence you on your decision on whether or not you should go natural. Focus on doing what's best for your hair and ignore the societal pressures that people try to throw at you.

  2. Take time to adjust to your new hair. If you went cold turkey and cut off all your relaxed ends to start fresh, you may not feel comfortable leaving your house right after big chopping. And that’s perfectly fine. It takes time to get used to something new that you either haven’t had or haven’t had in a while. Once you get in the habit of styling your hair and find a favorite hairdo, you’ll enjoy rocking your natural texture.

  3. Create a regimen. Try to find a regimen that works best with your daily routine so that it will become something that you do regularly. When caring for your hair, refrain from using sulfates, minimize combing by doing low manipulation styles, (even though you may be tempted to straighten your hair) stay away from direct heat as much as possible, take daily hair vitamins, moisturize on wash day, and (if transitioning) try doing twist and braid outs to blend relaxed ends with your new growth.

  4. Find out what works best for YOU. What works for someone you may have watched on YouTube may not work for you. It’s important to take your time and test out different brands and product types to figure out the kind of products works best on your hair. 

  5. Take your time and enjoy the journey. Don’t expect your hair to grow overnight and don’t compare your hair journey to others. There are plenty of people who’ve had to big chop 3 or more times because they were unsure if this was the right choice for them. It's okay to start over even if you change your mind and choose to relax your hair again. Everyone’s natural hair journey if different. Taking care of your hair from the beginning of your journey is the best way to ensure a beautiful outcome. Find a style you love doing on your hair and enjoy the beauty of your natural roots.

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